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Books for BedtimeMeagan Warren has always had a passion and a love for reading. Which is why, in 2014, the now 12-year-old founded Books for Bedtime – a nonprofit that provides books for kids in low-income areas.

“I think my inspiration for starting Books For Bedtime was my mom,” Meagan explains. When she was little (around 3-years-old and younger), her mother, Shannon Warren, always made sure to read to her. “Of course she read to me after I learned to read too, but only when she could get me away from my little reading corner,” she says.

That passion for reading wasn’t the only thing Meagan’s mother instilled in her. She recalls how her mother always taught at low-income schools, which opened her eyes to the effects of poverty. Meagan says, “I realized that not all kids could afford to buy books like I can or have enough time to go to the library like I do.”

And so Books for Bedtime was created, with Meagan was the CEO and founder. Since it started, the nonprofit has grown and 2015 was a big year for Meagan and the expanding Books for Bedtime. It became a 501 (c)3 organization, and Meagan presented at the Cincinnati Mensa Regional Gathering. She was also chosen as First and Ten Coin Toss Captain for the home opener of the Cleveland Browns.

In addition to all the above, Books for Bedtime has been able to partner with organizations like the Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services, St. Vincent’s, Victoria Secret’s Home Office, Service For The World Club at OSU, and Neighborhood Services Inc. Meagan was also honored with winning a Regional Scholarship for Kohl’s Cares, and was the first recipient of the READ On Award given by OELMA.

This year has seen Books for Bedtime grow, and 2016 is also looking to be an impressive year for Meagan and her nonprofit. Most notably, Meagan and Books for Bedtime will be featured on Facebook Stories. Facebook flew out a film crew, and in the next few weeks her story will be released on the Facebook page. “We are really excited about it, as we will be able to spread the mission and word of Books For Bedtime all over the world!” Meagan tells us.

insightlyOverall though, Meagan is happy to spread Books for Bedtime’s mission of providing books and sharing her passion for reading. They’ve donated 8,000 books so far, and are planning even more partnerships with schools and organizations for 2016.

But for Meagan, it’s the mission and meeting kids that most important to her. As she heads into 2016, she shares, “I am really looking forward to meeting more children, and giving them the opportunity to find a book that ‘speaks to them.’ I am excited to answer their questions, and inspire more children to love reading as much as I do!”

To learn more about Books for Bedtime, visit them online at and follow them on Twitter: @books4bedtime. Feel free to email them at if you’d like to connect and have them come and visit.

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