Books For Bedtime started as an idea in July, 2014. Meagan, 11 years old at the time, wanted to help others. Meagan has been volunteering since she was young, starting with donating to Toys For Tots when she was barely walking! With the support of her mom and grandparents, Meagan had the concept, name and mission within a few hours!

That, of course, was the easy part. With the support of her grandparents, who completed the paperwork and paid for the licenses, Books For Bedtime became a licensed non-profit in Ohio on August 20, 2014.

While we thought that the biggest concern with Books For Bedtime succeeding would be obtaining books, that was not the case. Books from Bexley started pouring in, and within a few short months Books For Bedtime had received books from Michigan, Texas, Pennsylvania, and other states!

While Meagan had originally hoped for 500 books by the end of the first year, she had received over 5,000 books within about 8 months. At this point, it was decided that Books For Bedtime should attempt 501 c 3 status. In May, 2015, Books For Bedtime received 501 c3 status!



Meagan Warren was 11 years old when she began Books For Bedtime in August, 2014. She had just completed fifth grade at Maryland Avenue Elementary School in Bexley, Ohio. Her favorite hobbies are playing field hockey, reading (of course!) and playing with her leash-trained bunny, Curiosity.

Meagan began reading at the age of 2. Once she learned to read, she liked to read before bed, sometimes reading books herself, and other times having her mom read to her. By kindergarten, Meagan was enjoying books like The Boxcar Children series, as well as writing her own stories and poems.

At age 9, Meagan became a member of Mensa, and currently is very active in Mensa, at both the local level and at the national level, whenever possible.

Meagan is a Junior Docent at the Thurber House Museum, and a member of the Junior Mensa Honor Society.



Testimonials and Accolades:

“Thank you so much for the books. Your speech was awesome and you are very brave to come to my school and give a speech in front of over 500 kids. You really inspired me to read more and I love your books. Thank you for coming to my school and giving us your speech.” –James

“Thank you for donating The Giving Tree to me. I really needed a book to read and now I have one and it’s one of my faves.” –Stephanie

“Thank you for sharing your inspiration to the whole Kae Avenue. Also, thank you for sharing your bedtime books. There were so many to choose from, I didn’t know which one to choose. Thank you so much.” –Talethea

“Thank you so much for bringing our school books to read. You are such an inspiration to 5th graders all around the world. You’re going to soar just like a butterfly!” —Alona

I was so impressed and inspired to learn about your passion for reading, literacy and helping those less fortunate. Thank you so much for devoting your entrepreneurial energies to such a worthy cause.
–Patrick Losinski │ CEO

Columbus Metropolitan Library

Ever since I read the article about you in the Dispatch, I have wanted to donate some of my books to your charity. I think what you are doing is wonderful! What address should I use to send the books?
Margaret Peterson Haddix

Young Adult Author

I just wanted to send a quick thank you from the staff and students at Kae Avenue. We were truly impressed with the maturity, grace and kindness displayed by Meagan. The students loved getting new books and many classes had conversations about becoming entrepreneurs like Meagan.

Kae Avenue Teacher,
Whitehall City Schools

As an avid reader, I have collected books my whole life. However, I am going off to college soon and, unfortunately, I will not be able to take my book collection with me when I leave. So, when I saw the article on Books for Bedtime in the Columbus Dispatch, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to do something good with my books rather than simply throw them out. My collection consists of 30+ books for preteens and teenagers, all of which I would love to donate to your cause.

High school student

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501 c3 Status

We received 501c3 status on May 6, 2015. Our EIN is 47-3741493. The goal of Books For Bedtime is to reach as many children as possible around Central Ohio. Then, the goal is to expand to other areas of need around Ohio. With the generosity of people with book donations as well as financial donations, this will be possible!