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  1. Hi Meghan,

    I heard about your Books for Bedtime Non Profit Organization through Julanne Hohbach’s recent article in the Dispatch. What a wonderful and caring project you have organized! It is so exciting to know that a young person is willing to invest time, energy and thoughtfulness into helping others. I know that many children are benefiting and, hopefully, will become enthusiastic readers because of your discovery of a beautiful way to help other children

    I am a retired Reading Specialist/Teacher and over the years I have collected many beautiful children’s books. I have limited space and I want my books that I love and have shared with many children to be enjoyed and in children’s hands rather than stored in a box without purpose! They are in excellent condition!

    I would like to donate them to your wonderful project! I have them in several plastic bins and I can deliver them to you if you would like to have them!

    Please let me know! Thank you!

    Susie Pisanelli

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